Review on the kickoff event

The public kick-off event of the FID BAUdigital – the specialised information service (FID) for the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies – on 2 March 2020 was a success with 200 participants. The statements of the scientific advisory board and the presentation of the first use cases made the heterogeneity and complexity of construction clear. The […]

Invitation to the virtual kickoff

Scientific work in the digital world is barely conceivable without interdisciplinary networking. New digital methods and technologies in civil engineering, architecture and urbanism (BAU) are closely linked to complex digital models, processes and data of the research objects.In this context, the specialised information service (FID) BAUdigital is being created – funded by the German Research […]

Start of the FID BAUdigital

The Specialised Information Service for the fields of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Studies (FID BAUdigital) was launched on 1 September 2020. The platform is being developed by the University Library Braunschweig, the University and State Library Darmstadt, TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and the Fraunhofer Information Center for Regional Planning and Building Construction. Besides providing […]