The Platform
for Science

The specialized information service BAUdigital provides services for research in the disciplines of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning with a focus on digital methods and technologies.


Scientific work in the digital age is barely imaginable without disciplinary networking. New digital methods and technologies in civil engineering, architecture and urbanism are closely linked to complex digital models, processes and data of their objects of investigation. This creates highly domain-specific requirements for the communication and exchange of such data in order to enable the scientific transparency and durable reuse of research results and tools within the broadly diversified scientific community.

Set up

In this context the specialized information service (FID) BAUdigital – funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) – is emerging as a sustainable digital platform to support research. BAUdigital is being developed in direct dialog with community partners and a Scientific Advisory Board as well as through various workshops and an international conference. The goal is to provide collaboratively designed future-oriented services.


The specialist information service BAUdigital is currently under development, first services are available as beta version:


The FID BAUdigital is developed on a broad professional level. Together with three large academic libraries (TIB, UBB, ULB) and the Fraunhofer IRB, selected community partners from science and research as well as a scientific advisory board representing the entire research landscape are working on the ambitious project.