Research Data Management

With the Workbench, we offer a variety of domain-specific tools for the publication of research data to assist researchers in their publication process based on the FAIR principles.
The Workbech is under development and can currently only be used for testing purposes.

Workbench (Beta)

Domain-specific Metadata

Existing subject vocabularies and thesauri can be used when defining metadata, so that data in the repository can be found more easily later on.

Preparing Data for the Web

Previews (.gltf, .svg) are generated semi-automatically for numerous 2D and 3D formats. Thus, data from the repository can be visualized directly in the browser.


The Workbench is designed as a modular system and is constantly evolving to stay in line with the changing needs of researchers and research data. Currently, the following functionalities are integrated in the Workbench:

  • Automated conversion of 3D models into the web-ready format glTF
  • Automated generation of 2D previews and floor plans from 3D models
  • Automated classification of plans using machine learning (e.g. floor plan, elevation, section)
  • Allocation of Metadata based on specialized vocabularies – under development
  • Allocation of persistent identifiers (DOI) – under development
  • Allocation of licenses for clear terms of use

Research Data Repository (Beta)

Research data is transferred from the Workbench to the Research Data Repository. Thereby, the aim is to make the research data as open and FAIR as possible. In the Research Data Repository itself, you can search for domain-specific research data. The data found there includes both data sets uploaded via our Workbench and external data sets (e.g. NFDI4ing).
The research data repository is under development and is currently only used for testing purposes.

Research Data Repository (Beta)