Specialised Information Service BAUdigital

The Specialised Information Service BAUdigital provides services for research in the disciplines of civil engineering, architecture and urbanism with a focus on digital methods and technologies.



Explore a wide range of resources with our research tools. We offer access to numerous scientific publications, image and research data, audio and video materials, terminologies and much more.

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We offer multiple information, services and tools to help you connect with networks and researchers, including our DATA TALKS event series, the FID's own Mastodon communication platform and our interactive Research Atlas.

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Our publishing services include advice and training on open access publishing, focusing on researchers in civil engineering, architecture and urbanism. We also offer services for publishing research data, audio and video. Make your research results available to the widest possible audience!

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Latest Topics and News

Here you can find the latest news about the building and construction sciences as well as about the Specialised Information Service BAUdigital, its activities and events.


Join us at the Open Structures Conference on 23rd and 24th November 2023 at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Darmstadt!

FID BAUdigital is going to attend and contribute to this year's NFDI4ING Conference.

Feedback from community civil engineering, architecture, urbanism welcome.

Image from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, view of Fleischhausbrunnen and Marienapotheke, taken by Tuxyso, published at Wikimedia Commons with CC-BY-SA 3.0 license

"OpenRefine für Bauwerke" - is the title of a hands-on workshop for beginners organised by the Deutsche Dokumentationszentrum für…