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A platform for research: civil engineering, architecture and urbanism


We offer a wide range of publication services, including consultations and events on OA publishing, services for the publication of research data as well as audio and video media. This makes the results of your research available to a wider public.



In the Workbench, you can publish and search for subject-specific research data. When publishing, you can use a variety of subject-specific tools, for example to prepare large 3D data for the web and enrich it with subject-specific metadata. The Workbench is developed complementary to the NFDI and uses its infrastructure and tools. Published datasets can also be found in the repository

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Publication Services

The FID BAUdigital identifies subject-specific measures and service offerings by analyzing research and work processes in civil engineering, architecture and urbanism, to promote and support open access publications within these disciplines.

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The TIB AV-Portal offers the opportunity to publish various audiovisual formats such as computer visualisations, interviews, video abstracts or recordings of lectures and conferences in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urbanism in a legally secure and long-term available format. All information for producers of scientific videos on publishing can be found in the portal's FAQ.

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