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CHNT 27 - Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies; Vienna, Nov. 10-12, 2022

Nov. 11, 2022; 2-4 pm: Results of a photogrammetric building survey as an example for FAIR 3D data


3D reconstruction, laser scanning, Photogrammetry and similar technologies are widely used in
historic building research, art history and archaeology. 3D data- models have great value as a
medium to inspect, discuss and show sites, buildings and objects and are a basis for further research
applications such as simulation, reconstruction, machine learning, comparative analysis and
interpretation. Within museal applications they provide immersion and access to distant sites and
To broaden the impact of this important and often expensive research data it has to be FAIR:
findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. State funding organisations address this goal with
increasing demands regarding research data management within projects. Existing and forthcoming
research data repositories allow to exchange this kind of data, but standardisation, networking and
a culture of sharing within the research communities is needed to prevent these valuable assets from
rotting on old external hard drives.
The session is meant to foster the publication and use of 3D data in cultural heritage and targets
input on:

• Repository and catalogue solutions fit for 3D research data in terms of finding, describing,
storing and presenting.
• Best practise to gain high quality and well documented models for publication and reuse.
• Necessary 3D data and metadata standards for search, inter-repository exchange and
• Applications in research, teaching or museology that can profit from FAIR data.
• Collections in need of curation and publication.
• Research on reconstruction algorithms that can profit from available raw data.
• Annotation and open-linked data solutions for 3D models.
• FAIR data in context of preservation, endangerment and commemoration of cultural heritage.
• Problems and disadvantages of existing practices and hindrance of change.

Session on Nov. 11th, 2-4 pm:

Fair 3D Data in Cultural Heritage: quality, metadata, applications and repositories;
Results of a photogrammetric building survey as an example for FAIR 3D data

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