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A platform for research: civil engineering, architecture and urbanism


Explore a wide range of resources with our research tools. We provide access to a wide range of literature and academic publications, image and research data, audio and video materials, terminologies and much more.


Literature and Research

Our online Catalog gives you the opportunity to search and find the literature and information for your scientific work in the disciplines of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies (urban planning). At the moment, the specialized excerpts from the TIB Portal Index are integrated. In the next step, the specialized excerpts from the catalog holdings of Braunschweig University Library (UBBS) and Darmstadt University and State Library (ULB) will also be integrated.

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In the framework of the FID BAUdigital, a front-end instance of the TIB-AV portal has been developed to provide you with better access to audiovisual materials. The focus of these videos is on the disciplines of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies (urban planning) and the videos include computer visualizations, learning materials, simulations, interviews, video abstracts, lecture and conference recordings as well as (open) audiovisual learning and teaching materials. In addition, the portal uses various automatic video analyses and thus enables targeted searches in the video content.

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Image search

The image search was developed on the basis of iArt and enables a search in larger automatically indexed image datasets with methods for filtering images, such as location and architectural style of buildings, time of taking photos, estimation of spatial depth in a single photo as well as for clustering similar images.

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In our research data repository, you may search for subject-specific research data. The data to be found there includes both data sets uploaded via our Workbench and external data sets (e.g. NFDI4Ing). The research data repository is under development and is currently only used for testing purposes.

Research Data Repository (Beta)


The FID BAUdigital collects specialist terminology from the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies with a focus on digital methods and publishes them as FAIR digital resources.

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